Software for loading, stability, stress

WSLP2TM​ is a 3D Windows loading program written in Visual C++ by Ocean Motions.

  • cargo planning and ballast control
  • real-time tank level and draft inputs
  • intact, damaged, grounded
  • finds remedial solutions to refloat or bring upright

Quick Calc™

  • instantaneous draft, trim, heel, KG and GM margins, max stress, torsion, deflections as you edit

3D on-the-fly

  • drafts, trim, heel, KG, GM, GZ, downflooding, ground reaction, stresses, deflections….

WSLP2™ reports

  • Loading detail and summaries
  • Cargo manifests
  • Drafts when intact, drafts throughout flooding, drafts at damage equilibrium, grounded drafts
  • Comparison of computed to observed/sensed drafts
  • Righting arm curves, tables, dynamic stability
  • Shear force, bending moment, torsion and deflection distributions
  • Primary stress distributions, intact and after structural damage
  • Gyradii

WSLP2™ advantages:

  • graphical
  • draw, drag and drop new loads
  • attitude graphics show vessel trimmed and heeled
Auto COG
  • LCG, TCG, VCG, FSMT, FSML computed as tank levels, trim & heel change
  • tension and riser side force
  • layout, tensions, moments, catenary, suction piles
  • forces and moments, deployed and retracted
  • heel for any wind direction and strength
  • stability and strength in waves
Crane Lifts
  • animated graphic as crane and hook load move
  • instant stability and stress update
  • instant comparison to maximum allowed KG or GM min
  • monitoring in real-time when connected to sensors
  • pick up and move a load on deck
  • pick up a load from another vessel
  • pick up a subsea load
  • place load elsewhere
  • warning of SWL exceedence
  • simulate response to dropped hook load
  • Graphical when you don’t know where the damage has occured, user draws openings to the sea using the mouse
  • Check Box when you do know which tanks and spaces are damaged, select from the list of tanks, voids, spaces
  • various stages of inflow/outflow through openings to the sea
  • equilibrium drafts, trim, heel after all inflow/outflow has ceased
  • downflood openings, vents automatically detected
  • damaged GMT, damaged GML, damaged righting arms about any axis of inclination
  • comparison to damage stability criteria MODU, HSE, IMO, USCG, MARPOL….
Ballast Advice
  • program automatically computes how much to load in user specified tanks
Auto Draft
  • user specifies target draft, program automatically figures out how best to achieve that draft
Auto Trim
  • user specifies required trim, program automatically relocates loads to achieve this trim
Auto Heel
  • user specifies required heel, program automatically loads ballast to achieve this heel
Auto Margin
  • user specifies desired GM or KG margin, program keeps loading til this margin is achieved
  • to management and financial software, onboard and to shore sites
  • daily stability reports all in one concise SL2 file
  • bi-directional comms to your tank gauging, MetOcean consoles, instruments, sensors
  • COMMS_2000 | OPC | CSV | CLINO-PAK | Kongsberg | SAAB | GE Modbus………
  • Metric or Imperial, and can be mixed
  • longitudinal references from a selected Frame, midships, AP or FP
  • TCGs can be positive to port or positive to starboard
LWT Trak™
  • track growth in lightweight at sea
  • track new location of lightweight LCG, VCG, TCG
  • requires connection to the proprietary sensor, the Ocean Motions CLINO-PAK
WSLP2™ is approved by ABS, DnV-GL, LR, BV, US Navy, SupSalv
IACS UR L5 regulation for Onboard Computers for Stability Calculations
APPLIES TO Ships contracted for construction after 1 July 2005
SYSTEMS Ocean Motions provides :Real Time mode that receives sensor data from tank levels, drafts…
Predictive mode for manual loading data entry
TYPES Ocean Motions provides all 3 types:Type 1 Software calculating intact stability only
Type 2 Software calculating intact stability and checking damage
on the basis of KG Max or GM Min limit curves
Type 3 Software calculating both intact and Direct Damage Stability, DDSIACS International Association of Classification Societies, members :
Resolve Gibraltar Dive Services and Propeller Polishing