Marine Casualty Response

Tank Barge “NORTH CAPE” grounded Jan 19, 1996, ripping open her bottom spilling 19,000 BBLS of #2 oil off Rhode Island.
Ocean Motions being EKLOF’s 24 hr 33CFR155 responder, performed all of the oil spill volume calculations, stress monitoring, lightering calculations, salvage scenarios, presented the mandated salvage plan to the USCG on-scene commanders, the refloat calculations using compressed air to blow down the ruptured tanks, the preparation for tow and the actual tow stresses and drafts in deteriorating weather.
We worked onboard with Arnold Witte, Salvage Master from DonJon Marine, Captain Barney Turlow, USCG Captain of the Port of Providence RI, Doug Eklof, President of Eklof Marine, owners of the NORTH CAPE, Lt John Nadeau, naval architect, from USCG MSO Washington DC.

How it works:


  1. You contract Ocean Motions to Crea​te Ship or Barge Specific Data Files in Advance
  2. When the Incident occurs your emergency response co-ordinator contacts us :
    24/7 HR: +1-954-764-8700
    Fax: +1954-764-8724
  3. You Provide the Information listed in Schedule II, Part 3 of the RESPOND contract
  4. We immediately Retrieve this Vessel’s Datafile and run the following scenarios:
    • Cargo to Lighter, Lighter Sequence, Lighter Amounts
    • Computed Location of Ground Contact
    • Force Pushing up on the Stranded Hull
    • Which Tanks, Voids to Inspect for Cargo Loss or Flooding
    • How long to wait for tide to refloat
    • Stress Levels throughout Stricken Hull
    • Over Stress Detection
    • Optimum Redistribution Of Cargo Or Ballast When Lightering Is Not Feasible
    • Oil Outflow Rates And Spill Volume Calculations
    • Seawater Ingress Rates And Mixing With Contents In Bilges And Breached Tanks
    • Best And Worst Wave Encounter Angles
    • How To Overcome Mud Suction During Refloat
    • Tug Horespower And Bollard Pull Required To Pull Vessel Free
    • Wave And Wind Effects On Stability, Heel, Stresses
    • Stability Levels Throughout ‘Salvage’ Efforts
    • Tank Blow Down Ullages To Prevent Further Cargo Loss
    • Max Pressure That A Given Tank Can Sustain During Blow Down
    • …..And Any Other Request Made By USCG On Scene, MSO Washington, Salvors
  5. In Short We :
    Nurse Your Vessel Through Every Step
    Submit Our Salvage Engineering Calculations And Salvage Plan To The USCG For Approval
    Satisfy The Questions From The USCG, USN Sup Salv, Local Environmental Agencies
    Predict The Effects Of Your Intended Salvage Remedies Before Implementation

Annual RESPOND Contract

As Mandated By OPA90, 33CFR155, MARPOL

Notable Examples:

"EXXON VALDEZ" March 1989

Lightering using Ocean Motions WSLP

"EMC423" Chicago January 2005

You can rely on Ocean Motions to help


“Thanks for your wonderful help with the Great Lakes.I was called by Commander John Cameron,USCG Group New York today.He complimented the incident commandteam set up by K-Sea and made particular mention of the outstanding serviceprovided by Ocean Motions”

Tom Sullivan

” I am pleased to report that the barge Texas was successfully refloated last night after lightering approximately 7,800 bbls of product. Penn employed their emergency response procedures and through the expert assistance of Ocean Motions, devised a safe and successful plan to refloat the vessel with a minimum of lightering required. Two assist tugs were employed and as advised by one of our captains which witnessed the procedure, “the Texas smoothly slid off the bank” after lightering when our captain advised the tugs to start pulling. Our entire crew is to be commended for their efforts”.

Jim Sweeney

RESPOND Events Record